Trinomics team

Stephan Slingerland

Stephan Slingerland works on the RECREATE Scoreboard, in particular in relation to policies, and on the policy briefings that are part of the RECREATE project.

Stephan works as a Senior Consultant with Trinomics (formerly Triple E Consulting) on energy, climate and resources projects. He is an experienced project manager of international and national projects and a senior expert in the field of political economics and environmental governance. He has worked for a large variety of clients, including the European Commission, European Parliament, OECD, IEA, International Trade Council, the Netherlands government and Tata Steel. Besides that, he has been invited over the years as a speaker for many conferences, workshops, lectures and presentations, and he has published during his career a large number of policy reports, scientific articles, book contributions and reviews, newspaper articles and columns. He is a member of the editorial board of the Dutch magazine on international relations ‘Internationale Spectator’, Fellow of the Dutch Green Economy Network, and writes regular book reviews on energy, climate and resource policies for the association of Dutch environmental professionals VVM.

Katarina Svatikova

Katarina is responsible for drafting the policy briefs on RECREATE’s results and deliverables and contributes to the discussions on RECREATE’s innovation scoreboard development.

Katarina has over seven years of work experience in the field of economic analysis of (environmental) law and policy. Currently, she works as a senior consultant in energy and environmental field at Trinomics. She has worked on numerous projects for the European Commission (DG Environment, DG Energy and DG CLIMA), the European Investment Bank, the European Parliament, the World Bank/IFC, the French Development Agency (AFD) as well as for the national governments (the Dutch, Scottish, Irish).

Katarina holds a PhD degree in Law & Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam with a focus on economic analysis of environmental law and policy. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Law from the Utrecht University and a Master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies from the Central European University in Hungary.

Irati Artola

Irati offers support to the main RECREATE activities Trinomics is responsible for, from contributing to the drafting of policy briefs -on topics relevant to climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials-, to conducting interviews with stakeholders in order to test the scoreboard.

Irati is consultant at Trinomics. She graduated from the Master of Science in Sustainable Development (Environmental Governance track) at Utrecht University, and has a prior Business Administration and Management background. She is therefore well-versed on the one hand in sustainability challenges (ranging from biodiversity and ecosystems loss, to water scarcity, to urban development, to production and consumption patterns), and policies and governance for sustainable development, and on the other hand, in economics, finance, accounting and auditing.

At Trinomics, Irati has contributed to studies on access-to-finance of the blue economy sectors in the EU, fostering the circular economy in the Netherlands, green jobs and skills in OECD countries, and waste legislation. She has also partaken in a service contract to foster the implementation of green infrastructure at the European level and is currently at the core of the team working of a project that supports the BUILD UP Skills initiative on construction skills upscaling, by organising and implementing EU exchanges and analysis, animating thematic technical working groups, monitoring results of the programme and writing reports.