Eurobarometer survey - Environmental concern

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Percentage of people indicating to the Eurobarometer Survey that environmental concerns are among the two most important issues in their country at the moment.

Original data

Unit for original data: 
Percentage of population (sample) - semester/quarterly data
Date of extraction: 
Monday, August 24, 2015
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The indicator is relevant to the following innovation systems on this website

Agriculture and Soil sciences

More effective and sustainable agricultural practices can improve biodiversity, soil fertility as well as climatic effects and resilience.

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Increasing knowledge of biological processes leads to innovations well suited for addressing societal challenges.

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Climate adaptation

Where climate change mitigation fails, adaptation becomes the unavoidable response.

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Energy efficiency

Energy needs to be used much more efficiently.

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Environmental governance

Environmental and resource problems call not just for technological and scientific solutions but also for reforms in governance.

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Fossil fuel efficiency

Greater fossil fuel efficiency can contribute to greater energy efficiency but also increase rivalry with renewables.

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Material efficiency

Material efficiency is a main component of resource efficiency.

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Renewable energy

The transition of the energy system towards renewable sources is important for climate change mitigation.

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Waste and recycling

Waste treatment and recycling have an important role in building a resource-efficient circular economy.

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Water and waste water

Water is an essential resource for human livelihoods and the economy.

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